Getting it right... right from the start

A good sterilization will set your milling process right from the start.
Taner Vertical Sterilizer system is versatile. With scrapper bar conveyor for FFB handling and small footprint for VS system; we can fit into all kinds of layout needs with minimum resources like space, steam and manpower.
  1. ACCS Oil Extraction – Condensate (underflow <1% on sample)
  2. PLC for Steam Make-Up system at BPV which is made communicable to VS PLC to reduce steam wastage at BPV and to increase sterilization efficiency
  3. Modulating control system for steam inlet valve into VS in tandem to BPV parameters
  4. SCADA ready to integrate with other PLCs in different station
  5. Inspection services for operating units
  1. New palm oil mill
  2. Mill upgrade – Capacity increase for existing mill
  3. Retrofitting works – Change from conventional cages system to VS system