To retrofit a 38-year-old 60 TPH mill constructed in Year 1979

a) Project
  • To replace conventional horizontal sterilizer for a 38 years old 60TPH mill constructed in 1979 using Taner Vertical Sterilizer system
b) Scope of Work
  • FFB and SFB handling system
  • Taner Vertical Sterilizer (VS) system
  • Civil and structure works to house the new system
  • SCADA for FFB handling and sterilization system
  • Electrical works
  • Condensate handling plant
  • Automation of sterilization process and its handling
  • Increase mill front end capacity by 20% without additional cost
  • Reduce manpower at front end by 75%
  • Reduce steam consumption by 30% and its relative condensate produced
  • Reduce sterilization cycle time by 30%
  • Reduce operating cost at front end by 65%
  • Completed in 8 months with no mill stoppage
  • Automation enabled
  • Enhanced work safety
  • Industrial 4.0 ready

Single line 75TPH at pressing station is now available using 3 sets of P25

This is a 75TPH mill on single line pressing station arrangement using 3 sets of Taner P25 Screw Press and 6000L Digester with one spare operating set.

The savings on pressing station platform construction is significant, so is the same for other conveying arrangement made possible now with single line arrangement for 75TPH.

The mill is operating on comparatively lesser amount of spare parts and lower inventory cost due to lesser amount of equipment at works. And Taner keeps the client more satisfied with our ever ready local delivery services of fast moving spare parts to you Mill.